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The Death of the Aurthor

Roland Barthes, reform, not revolution, Post Structulismim, thoughts. Is there anything original anymore?

Tamar – How we interact (Final Selection)

How do we interact with the transaction of society on our landscape, whether as individual humans corporations these or leave

The Definition of Moral Dilemmas:

A Logical ProblemAuthorDe Haan, JurriaanIs Part Of Ethical theory and moral practice, 2001-09-01, Vol.4 (3), p.267-284 This paper concerns one of the

On the side of humanity

humanity will win every time because people know in my heart that it is right. Academic licence, a clip from


Light is the only connection we have with the Universe beyond our solar system, and the only connection our ancestors

Ice Watch

In early October 2015, on a clear day with very little wind, a tugboat left the harbour of Nuuk in

Reading List

Don McMullin Unreasonable Behaviour: An Autobiography The New Definitive The Landscape In England Shaped By War Unreasonable Behaviour: The Updated

The Future of my Business Cards

As a part of my thinking for ethics and morals in a posthumanism world PH0703.

The Old Hospital, Minehead – Chapter 2

It’s damp; as I shield myself under the umbrella from the rain at 6 am this Monday, walking past The

Definition – Posthumanism

Posthumanism is a philosophical perspective of how change is enacted in the world. As a conceptualisation and historicisation of both agency


The transaction, not necessarily commerce, movement of people from Cornwall to Devon, trades, services, goods are transactions where we move