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Man Ray

During his career as an artist, Man Ray allowed few details of his early life or family background to be

Rosi Braidotti on Posthuman Knowledge and Technology

Link Prof. Braidotti’s guest appearance on ‘The Good Robot’ | Rosi Braidotti

The lies, falsehoods and misrepresentations of Boris Johnson and his government.

Source Accessed 13th February 2022

Boris Johnson yawning

Source Accessed on 28th February 2022

Boris Johnson’s address shows UK and allies clear-eyed about risk of military confrontation expanding beyond Ukraine

Source Accessed 25th February 2022

London 2012 Olympics: Volleyball is a bit of a bore for Boris… then the girls appear

Source Accessed 18th February 2022

Boris Johnson is a liar and a chancer, but popular. Why?

Source Accessed 14th February 2022

Art, Polities and Ethics

Ben Jennings on Boris Johnson and the No 10 Christmas party — cartoon Illustration: Ben Jennings/The Guardian Source : The

Art, Polities and Ethics

Boris Johnson’s response to coronavirus is out of character – sensible and well-informed. Source Independent online accessed on 2nd February