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Gustav Courbet (1819-1877),

The Desperate Man, c. 1843–1845

Are Facial Expressions Universal?

A New Guinea man, culturally isolated, conveys emotions with supposed universal facial expressions. From left to right: happiness, anger and

Artists Use Facial Expressions to Lure Us into Their Worlds

They say when infants (or young children) fall down, they look up to their mother or father, to see how

Kumi Muttu

Shout Portrait of Man Shouting, Anger Management, Anxiety Watch, People Art Face Portrait Expression Anger Art (2018) Source

Darwin and the Evolution of Expression

An experiment on 4-month-old Willy Darwin led to a lifelong study of expressions — and to breakthroughs in psychology.  ONE

Crowdsourcing Darwin’s experiment on human emotions

One of Charles Darwin’s lesser-known experiments, on the expression of emotion, is being re-run as an exercise in online crowdsourcing

Focused in Faces and Facial Expressions

For the past 11 years Marion Bolognesi has lived in Brooklyn. She says being a New Yorker is an addiction.

Louis Léopold Boilly (1761-1845)

Thirty Five Expressions’, Engraving

Lecture | Joan Fontcuberta

In honour of the exhibition, The Itinerant Languages of Photography, Catalan photographer Joan Fontcuberta delivered the keynote lecture for the

The 2nd law of thermodynamics

Entropy: The Hidden Force That Complicates Life Thermodynamics is a branch of physics that deals with the energy and work of

Isaac Newton – laws

Newton’s first law: the law of inertia Newton’s first law states that if a body is at rest or moving