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George Santayana

Only the dead have seen the end of the war.

Salisbury Music Covid-19

The relief that Bach brings to those waiting for their Covid jab, he’s absolute: Bach absolute.

Stephen Shore: Taking photographs that “feel like seeing”

“No number of words can communicate” Stephen Shore. We all see things differently, we all have a different experience of

Benedict Brian

British photographer Benedict Brain’s photography “raises yet more questions around environmental issues”. Studying a conceptual degree in photography from Derby

PHO701 – Status update

The first video recording my daily thoughts of my academic studies.

Alcombe Methodist Church

© Mark Stothard

History of Vaccines

The last national vaccination; 1960’s – Measles (UK 63-68)

Visit to Church

Initial thoughts of visiting church, first time in at least 30 years

Still open – Doors may be locked

The door of St Andrew’s of Minehead in the Diocese of Bath and Wells may be temporarily closed today. Services

Contact Sheet

PHO701 Briefing: Task 1 Walk:

While pondering of the openness and barrenness of the moon, mirrored in the sand of the beach, the openness of

Marina Black

Marina Black is interested in the emotional truth in people’s lives where words fail, photographs work. Most of her work may