The Definition of Moral Dilemmas:

A Logical ProblemAuthorDe Haan, JurriaanIs Part Of Ethical theory and moral practice, 2001-09-01, Vol.4 (3), p.267-284 This paper concerns one of the

On the side of humanity

humanity will win every time because people know in my heart that it is right. Academic licence, a clip from


Light is the only connection we have with the Universe beyond our solar system, and the only connection our ancestors

Ice Watch

In early October 2015, on a clear day with very little wind, a tugboat left the harbour of Nuuk in

Reading List

Don McMullin Unreasonable Behaviour: An Autobiography The New Definitive The Landscape In England Shaped By War Unreasonable Behaviour: The Updated

The Future of my Business Cards

As a part of my thinking for ethics and morals in a posthumanism world PH0703.

The Old Hospital, Minehead – Chapter 2

It’s damp; as I shield myself under the umbrella from the rain at 6 am this Monday, walking past The

Definition – Posthumanism

Posthumanism is a philosophical perspective of how change is enacted in the world. As a conceptualisation and historicisation of both agency


The transaction, not necessarily commerce, movement of people from Cornwall to Devon, trades, services, goods are transactions where we move

The Old Hospital, Minehead

The old hospital, a majestic lady, we never discuss ladies ages but must be built in the 1800s; being three-story-tall,

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