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River Avill Relief Channel

Introduction to the Relief Channel

The River Avill is a small river on Exmoor in Somerset, England, ending up in the Avill Relief channel. Location. Ref ST 00559 44492Postcode TA24

Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) represents the amount of oxygen consumed by bacteria and other microorganisms while they decompose organic matter

Dunster Causeway

Dunster causeway, 2019. Historic image, that I captured on a social photowalk. © Mark Stothard

PHO702 – Proposal in Brief

Explore the River Avill, Waterway and Causeway, between where the River Avill meets the main roadway at the A396 South

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PHO702 – Bibliography

Books Phosphorescence: On Awe, Wonder & Things That Sustain You When the World Goes Dark by Julia Baird. Taking the soothing phosphorescent

The Death of the Aurthor

Roland Barthes, reform, not revolution, Post Structulismim, thoughts. Is there anything original anymore?

Tamar – How we interact (Final Selection)

How do we interact with the transaction of society on our landscape, whether as individual humans corporations these or leave

The Definition of Moral Dilemmas:

A Logical ProblemAuthorDe Haan, JurriaanIs Part Of Ethical theory and moral practice, 2001-09-01, Vol.4 (3), p.267-284 This paper concerns one of the

On the side of humanity

humanity will win every time because people know in my heart that it is right. Academic licence, a clip from


Light is the only connection we have with the Universe beyond our solar system, and the only connection our ancestors