MA Photography Proposal – 1st Draft

Deadline (Proposal) – 18th May


Length of proposal: The medieval origin of Clicket farmstead [Exmoor National Park] is implied by the Lay Subsidy of 1327 and it is shown as a small settlement on the Tithe Map of 1844.

Up until the end of the 19th Century it was a thriving community. It had a mill that serviced local farms and several quarries that provided lime, but by the start of the 20th Century it had been all but abandoned and there were just three people living there.

Through a photographic inquiry my proposal, in brief, is to communicate how nature has reclaimed this abandoned village, and if what impact humankind has had in the last 200 years.

Project Working Title: Exmoor nature reclaims hidden village.

Subject Selection:  Clicket, an abandoned village in the heart of the Exmoor National Park.

Methodological Approach (visual and textual): A visual inquiry documenting how nature has reclaimed the landscape of this village that was abandoned in the late 19th century

Methods: Documenting the movement of nature historically and how visitors and nature has interacted over the past 200 years.

Experimental Practice: In addition to digital image capturing, I plan to shoot in medium format film and process these with natural ingredients. In addition to this to create the ambience of the project and my emotions on location, I will be capturing audio whilst conducting my primary research and documenting these visits by video.

Theoretical Research:

Artist Research: Jem Southam, Nicos Philippou, Mark Klett, Liz Nicol, Liz Wells Oliver Sutherland, William Arnold, Edwin Lutyens

Testing of Work: my proposed format will be a Zine, with a local exhibition

Recording of Work: I’ll be creating a video and audio diary of each visit to the location expressing my thoughts and emotions as I conduct my primary research, together with a mixture of analogue and a digital sketchbook

Resources: Physical resources that I already own; Medium format analogue camera and lenses, in addition to digital still assets and support equipment. For video and audio recordings, I already own these assets.

Schedule: photography will be no less than 8 site visits in the calendar month of June 2022

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