Building our way out of problems?

The river Avill relief channel cost £3.8 million in the 1960s.

We could argue that this infrastructure is permanent and has changed the landscape for generations to come.

Would we today build our way out of the environmental problem of local floods?

New thought processes are currently being developed, we could even say actually re-visiting histoic solutions. The organisation National Trust is exploring flood management by historic natural infrastructure.

The National Trust estate of Holincote, have re-introduced Beavers to naturally create dams, which then backs up the water into several smaller flood plains. Resulting in slowing the flow of water upstream to prevent a tidal wave of water from flooding the area downstream. (accessed on 12th October 2021).

This natural and perhaps nature’s way of managing the amount of water across the landscape and the valley could be taken as random art. The naturally according visual and audio art changing every moment of the day, this could bring benefits not considered in the past, mental and physical to humans and wildlife alike.

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